What’s Rashi all about

Holaa !! Welcome to this read.
So Rashi has several meanings in Indian tongue – Zodiac sign (Self is January born Capricorn), Money, Wealth, Quantity, and Amount.
A small-time poet, a big-time over-thinker, an inquisitive learner, a French learner, a Marketer, an ambivert, and the list is long (tap on the contact page to know more)
Here to explore You, and Myself.

I ensure not eating much of your time as I write fewer words (shorter poems mostly) and not page-long blogs. Not frequently but whenever I post, I make sure it positively affects at least one reader’s mind & brings up a ray of hope in them.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to suggest & give your expert bits of advice as I am still learning to blog 🙂

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