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Mumbai – Time and Money

Bombay or Mumbai, the city with irony in itself – The city of dreams and the city that never sleeps

Mumbai is an Experience. Different for a tourist, different for a resident, and altogether a different experience & exposure for a person who moves here from another city, mostly from a smaller one.

Though I could feel Mumbai for very little time, 2 years, but sufficient enough to fall in love ❤

Good Bye Post
Journey date – 14 May 2018 to 03 March 2020

An interesting fact about this beauty – Since it’s called the fastest city, I believe so is the Experience you get here. Like I lived for 2 years and it feels like a 4-year old journey & experience. Yes! This is how fast we learn.

I explored most of it all myself ending up sitting peacefully alone on a beach (mostly Silver beach, less crowded) or at the Queen’s Necklace amidst hundreds of strangers & wine in my belly (or hand, depends).

Never have I ever complained about its traffic, pollution, Marathi language (rather I tried learning it), humid weather (Especially rains, I loved it), or people. Never!

And fortunately, I crossed paths with great roommates, colleagues & strangers who made this journey more beautiful and enthralling.

All I want to say is that it’s a must-have experience. It teaches very well to play with TIME and MONEY concurrently.

Thank you for reading. And do share one of your lovely memories while living Mumbai 🙂


Hola !! So Rashi has several meanings in Indian tongue - Zodiac sign (Self is January born Capricorn), Money, Wealth, Quantity, and Amount. A small-time poet, a big-time over-thinker, an inquisitive learner, a French learner, a Marketer, an ambivert, and the list is long (tap on the contact page to know more) Here to explore You, and Myself. I ensure not eating much of your time as I write fewer words (shorter poems mostly) and not pages-long blogs. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to suggest & give your expert bits of advice as I am still learning to blog :)

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