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A Lesson from TREES


Every one of us faces a time in our lives when we feel like escaping, somewhere where we find Tranquil. We even make up to that point ,but eventually coming back to square one.

Trees gives us a strong lesson that we cannot ever leave our roots just as them, no matter how much we wander in this materialistic world.

Do share your views on this of you can relate 🙂


Hola !! So Rashi has several meanings in Indian tongue - Zodiac sign (Self is January born Capricorn), Money, Wealth, Quantity, and Amount. A small-time poet, a big-time over-thinker, an inquisitive learner, a French learner, a Marketer, an ambivert, and the list is long (tap on the contact page to know more) Here to explore You, and Myself. I ensure not eating much of your time as I write fewer words (shorter poems mostly) and not pages-long blogs. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to suggest & give your expert bits of advice as I am still learning to blog :)

12 thoughts on “A Lesson from TREES

  1. Roots keep us grounded, so yes I’m happy to stick close to my roots like the tree. Maybe, this is why I have a thing for tree houses. You want a place where you can go to think, rejuvenate, restore, Just Be….Tree House!!! 🙂

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