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Mumbai – Time and Money

Bombay or Mumbai, the city with irony in itself – The city of dreams and the city that never sleeps

Mumbai is an Experience. Different for a tourist, different for a resident, and altogether a different experience & exposure for a person who moves here from another city, mostly from a smaller one.

Though I could feel Mumbai for very little time, 2 years, but sufficient enough to fall in love ❤

Good Bye Post
Journey date – 14 May 2018 to 03 March 2020

An interesting fact about this beauty – Since it’s called the fastest city, I believe so is the Experience you get here. Like I lived for 2 years and it feels like a 4-year old journey & experience. Yes! This is how fast we learn.

I explored most of it all myself ending up sitting peacefully alone on a beach (mostly Silver beach, less crowded) or at the Queen’s Necklace amidst hundreds of strangers & wine in my belly (or hand, depends).

Never have I ever complained about its traffic, pollution, Marathi language (rather I tried learning it), humid weather (Especially rains, I loved it), or people. Never!

And fortunately, I crossed paths with great roommates, colleagues & strangers who made this journey more beautiful and enthralling.

All I want to say is that it’s a must-have experience. It teaches very well to play with TIME and MONEY concurrently.

Thank you for reading. And do share one of your lovely memories while living Mumbai 🙂

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A Lesson from TREES


Every one of us faces a time in our lives when we feel like escaping, somewhere where we find Tranquil. We even make up to that point ,but eventually coming back to square one.

Trees gives us a strong lesson that we cannot ever leave our roots just as them, no matter how much we wander in this materialistic world.

Do share your views on this of you can relate 🙂